Social Media Engagement

Hello All,

How do you engage your followers on social media?

i like to use hashtags to engage with them. Another suggestion would be to check out other peoples pages and comment and like some of the pictures.


That’s a great idea! I use both of those suggestions faithfully. I’m also extremely active on my social media pages with everyone. I enjoy it because I get to get a glimpse of how others in my MG community live daily through their words.

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Start by liking and commenting on posts that you enjoy. Be kind, authentic and honest. You will soon find your social media community.


I like to also share other people’s posts in my stories that speak to me or I think my followers might enjoy. I make sure to tag the original poster. In my posts I also try to engage my viewers by asking them open ended questions in posts.

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Very similar to what the other repliers have said. I also share in my very authentic voice and I don’t sugar coat. This has landed me among a lot more eyes as the realness is sometimes radical and a lot of people relate to it but never say it. Be you and flourish.

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